With more than two decades of experience relating to business network marketing solutions while keeping abreast with the changes and trends of Information Technology, CIS IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd. is a leading business solutions provider in the field of Network Marketing.


We specialize in consultation, implementation, and maintaining the integrated business solutions for our business associates in the Direct Selling, Distributorship / Agency, Retail Chain and the Franchise Industry. We possess both the practical and technical experience to design and develop our integrated IT solutions and business applications.


We are committed to continuously improving our IT solutions, identifying market trends and pre-empting changes in the business environment with the objective to assist our business associates to maximize the potential and growth in the industry.


We excel to be the premier IT solutions provider for Network Marketing Enterprises and businesses across the globe by leveraging on the power of knowledge and technology. We do so by understanding that change and adaptation is essential in order to set us apart from the competition.


CIS IT Solutions excels in being the premier solutions provider for network marketing enterprises and our efforts and capabilities can be easily summed up into three key objectives.


1) We seek to enhance and maximise your business performance for effective and optimum operations. We have perfected our corporate management applications and integrated solutions through the decade. We have the right solutions and answers.


2) We help you to stay abreast of market and industry trends in order to rapidly accommodate change in the ever-shifting business environment. Stay relevant and steps ahead of the competition by being ready to adapt to market changes, trends, and buying patterns.


3) Our service excellence walks you through the process of learning and identifying the features and benefits that await you when you use our products. You will experience no downtime and no steep learning curves when you work hand-in-hand with us.


Quality, Cost-Effective and User-Friendly

Through knowledge and experience, we pioneer quality solutions that are relevant and affordable to our clients and partners. Solutions that are not only advanced and innovative, but also made friendly while keeping in mind learning curves and downtime. We approach this with solutions that are intuitive, making business operations effective and efficient.


Creativity and Open-Innovation

In order to remain relevant to our clients and business associates, we strive to be creative and innovative. In-line with how we so often speak about keeping up to date with market and business trends, CIS IT Solutions can only do so by being open to ideas. We plant the seeds of creativity, growing a workforce culture that is dynamic and comfortable with open-innovation, ensuring that our solutions will constantly maximise our clients’ and business associates' potential and growth in their relevant industries.


Professionalism, Ethics, and Social Responsibility

Exercising professionalism also involves adhering strongly to ethics while  committing to actions that are socially responsible. If it does not benefit the client and society as a whole, we will not commit to it.

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